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NBFTools Gold

NBFTools Gold is an Ubuntu-based forensic Linux distro designed to help digital forensics community with a comprehensive suite of open-source forensic tools. Whether you’re a digital forensic examiner, or a student or a digital data researcher, NBFTools Gold provides a reliable platform to carry out your desired forensics and research tasks efficiently. Gold stands as a testament to our commitment to the digital forensics’ community. It is freely available for download, use, and sharing. Join us in advancing the field of digital forensics together

Experience Forensic Flexibility with NBFTools Gold

Choose the way you work with NBFTools Gold’s flexible live or permanent installation options. Whether you’re in the field or at your forensic workstation, adaptability is at your fingertips. With our curated suite of tools, NBFTools Gold enriches your forensic tool chest, offering everything from advanced imaging tools for precise data capture to robust file system analysis tools that delve deep into storage structures. Dive into metadata analysis to decode digital footprints and timelines or utilize our data carving tools to recover fragmented or hidden data with ease. Encounter encrypted files? encryption tools in NBFTools  gold can help to detect, analyze, and decrypt various encryption methods, ensuring no digital evidence remains inaccessible. With NBFTools Gold, every tool is selected to enhance your forensic capabilities, making it a comprehensive solution for majority of your investigative needs. You can download the NBFTools Gold datasheet from here. 

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