Forensic Analysis

Forensic Analysis

Along with imaging, we offer analysis services for forensic images and other data sets. Our team can analyse a wide variety of filesystems, operating systems, mobile devices data and cloud data. Our expertise in forensic analysis includes data from different hardware including Apple Mac, iPhones, iPads, Microsoft Windows, Linux Desktops and Linux servers. We provide a forensically accurate forensic report which can be printed out, shared, or presented to court of law.

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive analysis solutions for forensic images and diverse data sets. Our team of experts possesses extensive knowledge and skills in analyzing various filesystems, operating systems, mobile devices, and cloud data. We offer a wide range of analysis services to support your digital investigations.

Our team is proficient in analyzing a wide variety of filesystems, including those found in Apple Mac, iPhones, iPads, Microsoft Windows, Linux Desktops, and Linux servers. We have the expertise to handle data from different hardware platforms, ensuring that no matter the source, we can extract valuable insights from the evidence.

We understand the importance of presenting findings in a clear and concise manner. Our team prepares forensically accurate forensic reports that can be easily understood by both technical and non-technical audiences. These reports can be printed, shared digitally, or presented in a court of law, providing a comprehensive overview of the analysis process and the discovered evidence.

In today’s digital landscape, mobile devices and cloud data play a significant role in investigations. Our team specializes in the analysis of data extracted from mobile devices, including iOS devices like iPhones and iPads. Additionally, we possess the knowledge and tools to analyze data stored in various cloud platforms, allowing us to uncover crucial evidence stored in cloud services.

Our forensic analysis practices strictly adhere to industry best practices and forensic standards. We prioritize maintaining the integrity and chain of custody of the evidence throughout the analysis process. This ensures that our analysis results are reliable, credible, and admissible in legal proceedings.

At our company, we are committed to delivering high-quality forensic analysis services to support your investigative needs. Our expertise in analyzing diverse filesystems, operating systems, mobile devices, and cloud data allows us to uncover critical evidence that can be instrumental in your investigations. Contact us today to learn more about our forensic analysis services and how we can assist you in extracting valuable insights from your digital evidence.