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In the world of digital forensics, the ability to correlate and match files from multiple sources is crucial for comprehensive investigations. NBF is a powerful tool that enables investigators to compare files within a forensic image to those obtained from various other sources, such as mobile phones, external drives, cloud storage, emails, and more.

In such scenarios, we initiate a new case using the forensic image and leverage the ‘Analyse Hashes’ module for processing. This allows us to efficiently analyze and compare hashes, enhancing the accuracy and effectiveness of our investigations.

After processing the forensic image for hashes, we proceed to the ‘Hashes -> Match File by Hash’ menu.

In the ‘Match Hash’ window, select an external file.

To initiate the search, simply click on ‘Match Hash.’ NBF will scan the files using the provided hash value as a reference. In case of any matches, a pop-up window will appear, displaying detailed information about the identified files.

In addition, if we already have the hash value of a specific file, we can utilize the ‘Match by Hash Value’ option to locate that exact file within the forensic image.

In the image below, we demonstrate a search based on the SHA1 hash value. NBF successfully located files within the forensic data that share the exact SHA1 hash value. This highlights the capability of NBF to accurately identify and retrieve files based on their unique hash values.

In conclusion, the demonstrated feature is highly valuable and serves as a powerful tool for expediting file matching across various sources. By leveraging this capability, investigators can significantly enhance the efficiency and accuracy of their investigations. With the ability to quickly identify and match files based on hash values, NBF streamlines the process of cross-referencing data from different sources, ultimately saving time and resources. Incorporating this feature into digital forensic workflows can greatly contribute to faster and more effective analysis, enabling investigators to uncover critical insights and evidence in a timely manner.

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