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Welcome To NBF-TOOLS

NBF-TOOLS are complete forensic suites that provide an array of solutions from forensic imaging to analysis and reporting. Based on bleeding-edge technologies, NBF provides solutions to Law Enforcement, Corporate, and Educational Institutes. With the support of analysis of data from the majority of Operating Systems, File Systems, and the Cloud, NBF makes it easier to get the digital forensic job done in time.

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Digital Forensic Training

Discover the world of digital forensics with our comprehensive training program. Led by our certified digital forensics experienced instructor, you'll gain in-depth knowledge in Apple Mac Forensics, Windows Forensics, and Open-Source forensics (Linux). With over 15 years of industry expertise and a decade of teaching experience, our team has trained professionals worldwide, including USA, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, and India.

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Beta Testing Program

Beta Testing Program for Professionals & Students
Professionals: Are you a professional looking for access to cutting-edge tools at an affordable price? Do you have a passion for digital forensics and love exploring forensic tools?
Students: Are you a student or part of a university’s digital forensics/cyber forensics program? Are you looking to improve your skills in the field of forensics?

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Computer Forensics

NBFTools support imaging, processing, and analysis of data from Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac, and Linux operating system including servers. Moreover, other filesystems are also supported.

Mobile Forensics

Unlock the power of mobile device forensics with NBFTools. Analyze data from iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and seamlessly integrate with mobile backups from other forensic tools.


NBFTools are the most intuitive digital forensic software tools that analyze the data from the different cloud data services. Email, Chats, Web History, Photos, and more…

About Company


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Years of Experience

Welcome to NBFTools Private Limited, a leading Digital Forensics Research and Development company located in India. We specialize in developing state-of-the-art digital forensic tools, leveraging cutting-edge technology to meet the evolving needs of the industry. Our team of experts is led by experienced digital forensics experts. With over 15 years of hands-on experience in the field, we excel in Linux, Windows, Macintosh, Android, iOS, and cloud Forensics. Trust us for innovative solutions tailored to your digital forensic requirements.

Why Invest in NBF-TOOLS?

NBF is based on the rock solid foundation of the Linux platform with fully customizable features. We take utmost care of user privacy and don’t collect any user data.


We specialize in assisting corporations with internal investigations and providing support to digital forensic service providers in solving complex cases.


We are always ready to lend a keen ear to any individual who needs assistance with complex investigation techniques, legal tactics, and the cyber world.


With our comprehensive range of digital forensic tools, coupled with our expertise, we are dedicated to assisting government agencies in solving criminal cases.


We partner with universities and colleges to develop industry-aligned digital forensics courses. We provide our tools to academia at a minimal price.

Digital Forensic Products

Imaging Solutions

NBF provides imaging solutions for Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac machines, supporting multiple formats like E01, DD, Apple Disk Images, and Virtual Hard disks with seamless compatibility.

Analysis Solutions

NBF specializes in analyzing forensic images, cloud backups and mobile device backups, covering Windows, Linux, macOS, servers, and USB drive images, iPhone, iPad, Android devices, icloud etc.

Digital Forensic Services NBFTools

Forensic Imaging

We provide forensic imaging services. Our team can help customers in imaging Windows and Linux desktop machines, laptop machines including Microsoft Surface Pro. Our expertise in Mac forensics help our

Forensic Analysis

Along with imaging, we offer analysis services for forensic images and other data sets. Our team can analyse a wide variety of filesystems, operating systems, mobile devices data and cloud data.

Consultation services

Our services are not limited to forensic imaging and analysis, we can help our customers in designing their digital forensic processes such as first respondent jobs and examination processes at labs. Our expertise.
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Digital Forensic Training


Digital Forensic Training

Training Highlights:-
  • Training courses are designed for both novice and expert forensic examiners.
  • Understanding different filesystems: APFS, HFS+, EX4, NTFS, ExFAT and FAT.
  • Understanding and Analyzing System Artifacts: Operating System Configuration and
    Settings, Login History, Computer usage history, Installed Application, System timeline
  • Revealing web activities: Web history, download items, bookmarks etc. from all the major
    web browser applications including Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

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