Digital Forensic Training


Digital Forensic Training

Training Highlights

  • Training courses are designed for both novice and expert forensic examiners.
  • Understanding different filesystems: APFS, HFS+, EX4, NTFS, ExFAT and FAT.
  • Understanding and Analyzing System Artifacts: Operating System Configuration and Settings, Login History, Computer usage history, Installed Application, System timeline etc.
  • Revealing web activities: Web history, download items, bookmarks etc. from all the major web browser applications including Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge.
  • Dealing with security and encryption: macOS boot options, recovery mode, security options, file vault encryption, third party encryption tools etc.
  • Dealing with deleted data: Filesystem snapshots, manual data carving, time machine backups.
  • The training is not limited to the syllabus we shared; it can grow based on the requirements of the students.
  • First respondent job: Dealing with macOS and Linux Systems at the scene. Complete process of acquiring volatile data and seizure.
  • Mode of Training: At our location, at customer location or virtual classrooms.

Fast and Simple Implementation


Convenient pricing plans & easy to understand agreement. Your contract does not start until you give use the go ahead.


Our team works with your team closely to help you understand the tool. Got any query drop it to use.


Although NBF tools is Linux based you can use it on Windows and macOS as well. Our team will be happy to set it up for you.