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NBF provides analysis of the data from Forensic Images (Windows, Linux, macOS, Servers and USB drive images). NBF can analyse data from iOS backups, cloud backups and Android backups. Its smart features and core engine helps to get the best results in less time and with lesser hardware requirement. NFB works with any INTEL/AMD based machine with minimum 16GB of RAM and 6 physical cores. With automated processing, manual processing, and semi-automated processing, NBF makes a good choice for your digital forensic analysis requirements. The advanced features like detection of objects in the images (face, skin, guns, firearms etc.), smart timelines, elaborated reports, custom report writing, several types of keyword searches, data carving and data integration in to single view helps solve cases with ease.

Welcome to our Analysis Solutions page. At NBF, we offer a comprehensive data analysis solution that covers a wide range of forensic images, ensuring compatibility with various platforms and delivering optimal results efficiently.

Versatile Compatibility

NBF offers comprehensive data analysis capabilities for a wide range of forensic images, including Windows, Linux, macOS, servers, and USB drive images. Our versatile solution also enables analysis of data from iOS backups, cloud backups, and Android backups, ensuring seamless compatibility with diverse platforms. NBF effortlessly handles forensic data from any source.

Intelligent and Efficient Analysis

With its intelligent features and powerful core engine, NBF streamlines the analysis process, delivering optimal results efficiently. Our solution is designed to minimize both the time required and hardware resources needed for analysis, ensuring efficiency without compromising accuracy. NBF’s performance shines on any INTEL/AMD based machine with a minimum of 16GB of RAM and 6 physical...


cores providing versatility and accessibility.


Flexible Processing Options

NBF understands that different analysis needs and preferences exist within the digital forensic community. That’s why we offer a range of processing options, including automated, manual, and semi-automated processing. This flexibility allows investigators to tailor their analysis approach, ensuring the most effective and efficient utilization of resources NBF is here to meet your unique analysis ...




Advanced Features for Enhanced Analysis

NBF goes beyond traditional analysis solutions, incorporating advanced features that enhance your analysis capabilities. Our solution includes object detection in images, enabling the identification of faces, skin, guns, firearms, and more. Smart timelines provide a visual representation of events, while detailed reports and custom report writing options ensure clear and concise documentation Various types of keyword searches...


data carving, and data integration into a single comprehensive view further empower investigators, facilitating case resolution with ease. At NBF, we are committed to providing advanced analysis solutions that empower digital forensic professionals. Our versatile compatibility, intelligent features, flexible processing options, and advanced capabilities make NBF the ideal choice for fulfilling your digital forensic analysis requirements. Contact us today to learn more about our Analysis Solutions and how they can benefit your organization.


NBFTools TRIOS Forensics

Available for All Major Operating Systems

Unlock the Power of NBF Analysis Tool: Seamlessly Analyze Forensic Data from Desktop and Server Machines!

With NBF analysis tool, you can effortlessly analyze a wide range of Desktop and Server machines, covering all their unique variations. Take advantage of our cutting-edge NBF imaging products, designed for compatibility with Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux