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NBFTools provide solution for imaging Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac machines. NBFTools seamlessly supports multiple imaging formats like E01, DD and Virtual Hard disks. NBFTools supports imaging in live and custom booted environments of INTEL, AMD and Apple Silicon based machines. Along with full image creation, out solutions help in targeted data collection which is a requirement for corporate. The data can be imaged based on user profile, app specific or custom filter based.

At NBFTools, we offer comprehensive and advanced solutions for imaging Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac machines, catering to a wide range of operating systems. Our imaging solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of forensic professionals, ensuring seamless and efficient processes.

Flexible Imaging Formats

Our imaging solutions support various formats, including AFF4, E01, DD, zip, Apple DMG, Apple Sparse image ensuring compatibility and flexibility during the imaging process. Whether you prefer industry-standard formats or have specific requirements, our solutions can accommodate your imaging preferences.

Wide Compatibility

NBFTools Netre excels in its ability to conduct imaging across different machine architectures. Our solutions support live environments as well as custom booted setups, providing flexibility and convenience for imaging processes. Whether your machines are powered by INTEL, AMD, or the latest Apple Silicon architectures, our solutions deliver consistent and reliable results. Apple macOS 14 supported.

Targeted Data Collection

In addition to full image creation, our solutions offer valuable features for targeted data collection. We understand that corporate investigations often require specific data extraction based on user profiles, applications, or custom filters. With our solutions, you can selectively image and extract the necessary data, ensuring a focused approach that saves time and resources.

Efficient Resolution of Corporate Cases

By empowering users with granular imaging capabilities, our solutions contribute to the successful resolution of corporate cases. The ability to extract specific data relevant to an investigation enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of the forensic process. With NBF’s imaging solutions, you can streamline your investigations and uncover valuable insights with precision At NBF, we are committed...


to providing cutting-edge imaging solutions that meet the evolving needs of digital forensic professionals. Our solutions combine advanced technology, compatibility, and targeted data collection capabilities to optimize your imaging processes. Contact us today to learn more about our Imaging Solutions and how they can benefit your organization.


NBFTools Imager

Live and Bootable - Apple Silicon and Intel

Imager for Microsoft Windows

Unlock the Power of NBFTools Imaging Products: Seamlessly Image and Analyze Desktop and Server Machines!

With NBFTools imaging products, you can effortlessly image a wide range of Desktop and Server machines, covering all their unique variations. Take advantage of our cutting-edge NBFTools TRIOS analysis tool, compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. Leveraging native drivers and libraries on all three major operating systems, you can now analyze your forensic data with unparalleled quality and precision.